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100k ad spent in 100 days

The Challenge

  • Scale across platforms
  • Better Margins through larger scale
  • Long term growth

The Solution

We targeted warm and hot audiences through Google ads and brought colder audiences through Facebook ads while retargeting from both channels.

This business is a UK jewelry shop with a worldwide audience and market and huge demand for their products, with a breakeven of 2 ROAS.

We set up Google Analytics and fixed the attribution model, as it was reporting duplicate sales, therefore we had everything we wanted to make the correct decisions, and so we did. We scaled both platforms slowly, and as of now, we are expanding into TikTok ads.


Diversity is key. We hit our market with different creatives and platforms, with different offers and a unique reward system.

We managed to increase LTV and organic sales, which cemented us even further.

The results

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