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How we scaled a business to 115k of spend in just 6 months!

The Challenge

  • Develop brand positioning for increased customer response
  • Maintaining brand power

The Solution

This business understood the power of Facebook ads and how important it is to scale as aggressively as you can and get market share out of competitors, unfortunately, every scale attempt was unsuccessful and unprofitable. While the breakeven ROAS is 2, every attempt to grow the ad spend would make the ROAS drop. Our mission was to keep ROAS above 2 and spend as much money as we possibly could.

We started by testing different products, creatives, copies, and angles. After we found what was working and what not we started scaling through various tactics and campaign structures, scaling approx 10k a month.

After almost a year, we are still maintaining ROAS above 2, and spending more and more. Our next step is 200k!


Even tho we took the risk of testing many elements in a short time after we found out what was working, we had every tool we wanted, to utilize our different campaign structures and scale!

The results

Increased Ad spend
+ 0 %
Increased Revenue
+ 0 %

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